Off the S{h}elf, exhibition review

Stockwell Studios is housed in an unprepossessing ivy-over-grown former Annie McCall maternity hospital, oh how apt for me.

In a cold damp room, full of warmth and enthusiasm from the artists present, was a collection of works of immense intensity, emotion & intellect, beautifully made and skilfully presented. A display of gems.

I made notes of those works that appealed to me most directly, further information and photographs are available on the exhibition website.

Ivo Dias de Sousa
Book and notebook of collaged cartoons superimposed on photographs, adding bite & poignancy as they challenged and changed the perceptions of the images.

Georgina Sleap
Indented drawing, dug in drawing, cut drawing
Clever. 3D drawn right out of the page.

Paula Roush
Russian Ballet Riot“, published both as a newspaper and images online
Bromberg Russian Ballet and Pussy Riot, the human rights struggle of the balaclava ballerinas

Cristina de Almeida
A book of Portuguese idioms, illustrated typeset demonstrative witty sentences
with the English equivalents, quality of presentation so good

Manuela São Simão
We all have boundaries but no man is an island
Five pocket-book covers, linking patterns of connection, like Venn diagrams and aboriginal paintings

Sally Waterman’s ‘Journey Home journey home
Matchbox sized series of concertina black and white photos in neat boxes circumscribing each separate day

Marie Claire RlP” by EJMajor
Powerful sublime photographic series of ageing and declining face of the artist as a skid-row woman, like Dorian Gray’s portrait in the attic

Jamie Bradbury “Between Camps”, family history from shocking slavery to celebratory art college

Telling Tales“, a series of images of handkerchiefs and matching sentences
such as, ‘there is no easy way to say this’, resonated with my own work, beatifully presented.

This exhibition contained strong visual, emotional and social comment. The content was often personal, but always delivered universal appeal and resonance.


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