My collection of bon mots and thoughts had been taken from my sketchbook and pinned up on a board like dead butterflies.

I think I threw the originals away in frustration, feeling that they really belonged as written words in a book to be read, rather than displayed as a visual object to be seen.

However the book was always planned. I had written out each of the twenty-four  with an italic pen, in a paged format A7 size, i.e. four to A4, notebook size, for notes is what they were. I even remembered to leave gutter margins. These were then photocopied onto acetate, and transferred  by photosensitivity on a silk screen. My pages were then all printed onto a good cartridge paper.

Where they languished, until I saw an email from Sarah Bodman about this project.

The conditions sounded appropriate and just right for me: so I cut, documented, measured, printed, pricked and sewed.

I’m very pleased with the result, and the book format so suits the contents. The photographic cover paper didn’t stand up too well to the trauma of the binding, but overall I am proud to send it off.

Private View: Friday December 7 18:00 to 21:00

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