Simon Garfield

“On the Map”

Topping & Company Booksellers, Bath

Monday 29th October 2012                7.45 for 8.00pm


Posters, speech impediment no impediment, wine, warm welcome, microphone


An hour is ample, space, and view wrong

 *We drew maps before speech, Dawkins

*Mike Brierley taught him Geography

*Eratosthenes, Alessandria, all knowledge? Navigators 276BC

*Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 2010

*Mappa Mundi Hereford Cathedral Madam Pinup

*Here be dragons? Dorothy L Sayers

*Dutch Family Blaeu cartographers C16-17

*James Reynolds cartographer, India 

*Danville, French, empty Africa lead to colonialism?

*Peter Bellarby’s bowling Globes

*Percival Lowell = PLUTO, canals of Mars?

*W Graham Arayder III knowledgable not scholarly, wealthy collector

*Edward Forbes Smiley III Kraft blade in library, map thief

*LINK* The Map That Changed The World by Simon Winchester

 – about William Smith


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