Turner Prize 2012

Spartacus Chetwyn
b. 1973
Nominated for OddMan Out at Sadie Coles HQ, London
Handmade costumes & sets, joyful (?) carnival installations, historical & cultural sources. Momentary immersion in a parallel world.
Lives and works in a nudist colony in south London.

Luke Fowler
b. 1978
Nominated for solo exhibition at Inverleith House, Edinburgh
His new film explores the life and work of the Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing
Explores how the relationship between people and society changes over time.

Paul Noble
b. 1963
Nominated for his solo exhibition at Gagosian Gallery
Nobson Newtown
Large pencil drawings, illuminated architectural words, micro detail, high viewpoint.
” He felt his art should be accessible to all, cutting through the language of theory that was propounded in intellectual circles and art magazines.”

Elizabeth Price
b. 1966
Nominated for her solo exhibition Here at Baltic Centre, Gateshead.
Weaves together archives that drift between social history and fantasy, with text, moving image and sound. Immersive sensory environments.

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