Natural History Museum

Went to the Natural History Museum on Saturday

Felt that I should feel at home there; many lifetime visits, science A- levels, had once breast fed upstairs near the gorillas…
I was surprised to find that I had lost a sense of awe or wonder, it was so crammed and dusty and dingy, now all for the instant gratification generation
Small Images hall was good, and the elements & minerals had some gems…
 The new Darwin centre & the new Cocoon no doubt is a wonderful scientific resource but all seemed very Blue Peter.
But so strong there it eventually came again, like a wafting smell or a forgotten emotion, that feeling of time passing and this human need to catalogue, list, search, sift, archive, understand, group, link, save, appreciate, preserve, conserve, Momento mori.
Clinging to what has happened, important because we are the product of what we were and what we have experienced, our context. The music I listen to, the films I watch, the DVDs at home, the plays, the museums, my friends,  all inform and educate me, I am a different person for what I have experienced, the point I tried to explicate in my dissertation NB = explanation but post-Lacan etc doesn’t  the French sound so much more learned and educated ha!
and what of blogging without wanting or needing an audience? What of that oh best beloved? It’s just that formality of putting it out there, of putting your money where your mouth is, of the heady realisation that your views have a relevance or is that reverence.

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