Simon Morrissey

20130319-160909.jpgTuesday 19th March 2013
He is an independent curator and writer on contemporary art.

Curator, not an artist. Commercial sheeting, runs gallery, represents nine plus five artists. Works/ Projects
Foreground, public, not for profit, Frome, Somerst, always beyond the gallery, building to carnival . Commissioning too, to work outside city, the middle of nowhere, the centre of everywhere = Frome.
Weaving metal-work brewery & dairy all fell apart from the 30s, economic decline, no real money, architecture preserved, C17 1C8 but otherwise boring, then late 90s art teachers doctors noticed houses ok, emigrated to Frome, late 90s London professional types turned it into something else, so it is both ordinary and creative.
Brian Griffiths, sculptor, The Kidd, 2012, derelict building was a boxing club, series of types of tents, and hanging bags like weights, holding the roof on, paintings onto tents, like a bad circus or impoverished museum, from imagination, bags were postal, prison & military, washed grubby used objects.
The gallery entirely different. Same artists, same building, Richard Woods, Andy Holden, David Mackintosh, all different degrees of success. Is money the only marker of success? Commerce and celebrity seem so enticing. Some just like making their own good work. What is your own definition of success?
Spray paint? or interesting painting? Cook ham Erratics from graveyard where Stanley Spencer used to paint, knits these rocks, and from inside came his voice, different stories.
Last May, Notes from Nowhere, social context, seven artists, text based works for distribution, Claire Fontaine cotton bags, CAPITALISM KILLS LOVE, gave away 800 in three hours, Bless Those Who Curse You on a beer bat, shaped like The Finger. A page in the paper, Frome Times, ‘We love you here even when you are there’, adverts for bookshop in Mombasa hairdresser in Denmark, shrimp shack GPS co-ordinates but no internet. HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE, from a Sartre play, then a telephone number, planning at the council.
Ruth Proctor, ‘this is for luck and protection’ badge, party and scones, who would you nominate?


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