Sally O’Reilly

Sally O’Reilly (b. 1971) is a writer, critic, teacher, editor and events organiser. She was Writer in Residence at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 2010/11. She has contributed to Art Monthly, Frieze, Cabinet, Modern Painters, and Time Out as well as writing catalogue essays for numerous international art exhibitions. Her book The Body in Contemporary Art was published by Thames and Hudson in 2009. As well as a knowledge of contemporary art, her writing displays a keen awareness of debates in science, politics and critical theory.
She is a tutor at Central St Martin’s, Goldsmiths, and Royal College of Art, London, and teaches at various other universities around the UK. O’Reilly also co-edited Implicasphere, a broadsheet periodical published twice a year, which seeks to unearth and revive compelling, illuminating and curious ideas in the form of image and text fragments taken unadulterated from fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics, metaphysical poetry, pulp novels, linguistics, criminology, film noir and astrology.
Haynes, Cathy and Sally O’Reilly, Implicaspere, An Itinerary of Meandering Thought Implicasphere Retrieved on January 15th 2007
She has taken an active part in many symposia and panel discussions, including such diverse events as the Science Fair at Camden Arts Centre and the Stockholm International Performance Art Festival, Perfect Performance 2006.
Sally O’Reilly has co-curated the Hayward Gallery Touring Exhibition Magic Show, with Jonathan Allen and was producer and co-writer of The Last of the Red Wine, a sitcom based in the artworld devised and performed at the ICA, London, 2011.
Human cannonball
Writes about art
Pays and meets, don’t see the goal, make up
Hill BA
MA Chelsea talked too much
No clue, barmaid, three greyhounds Roy Beaujolais
Mfi word search competition
Thirst for knowledge wank a salmon
Experiences, runner in animation, thirst for experience
List of professions of boyfriends
Party every year, theme
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Blue blouse group news but mix form and content
Out of the pub? Age 30′ drummer from 999 seascapes, London art website installation, Monet review, bicycle accident, Swiss banker, time out, frieze
Teaching if you can write you can talk, lecture at goldsmiths, the event, puppet show, dance piece, risk sword, theatrical, fallacious fallacies, man costume, art and science, three sided football, beacons field, donkey skip jcbs,
One object, research and collate
Who are open ? Whitechapel, Cabinet magazine of curiosity
Arts council
Smoke at pump house
Video editing, no disciplinity solidity, final cut pro
Joke on scarf to pass round a pub knitting
Stage magician, socialist
ICA to get to Dionysus, go through Appollo
Les Dawson piano
Paw reading
Giant origami
Brown mountain festival
Magic show illusion and disillusion
Installing sheets of A3
The body in contemporary art Thames and Hudson world of art

Writing, press releases, itchy taken for granted, my own needs, now form & content, cabinet carries fact, wrote magenta and battle in Italy, knitted history, clues,
Inappropriate fiction
A year writer in residence for a year whitechapel
Wheel of emotion colour wheel
Up periscope
Naked man again Paris, ine dark


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