Robert Holyhead

Manchester then MA at Chelsea

Obstruction (?)

Student days 1994 saw Hayward Gallery Unbound catalogue started his critical thinking

Imi Knoebel, painted the texture of wood, inside colour between plywood layers
Zebedee Jones, scraping layers of paint mechanical but human
Michael Kreber, taught by Basilitz, gesture without irony
Jonathan Lasker, ordered and tame gesture, shaped and ordered, big doodles

Untitled 1996 6 x 8ft painting, colour quickly applied, negated by blacking it out, denying it, how to you control painting.
Yellow crosshatch broken grid, rejects finality and truth,
Quick Laskeresque paintings, in a day, some irony, both heroic and empty
Negation, white all over chrome green then a white out BA3
Spots in a disc masked out, 1997 nouveau neo geo, so inoffensive it’s offensive

1997 all untitled, yellow canvas, little bit of green dribbling down
2001 grey ground then red over it over & over again, stiff paint a big squiggle.

Mary Heilmann, 1998, neo noir

Stopped using canvas, couldn’t cope with series, watercolour paper
2003 redressing painting as object
12 x 9 inch, wiping and painting, 2005 quick paintings freshness and intimacy
Watercolour on paper

2006 could haved pushed into provisionality
21 by 15cm drawings, dialogues between items 2008



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