Rob Leech

Short, bearded, young-looking, ex- Bath student 2005, RA 2009
Loves bright shiny colour
Martin Creed
Gary Hulme
Aluminium trays on floor 4cm x 100sq. & portable vinyl brushstrokes
Ropes of colour
Air bubbling through paint
Suck & blow MA show,
with agent orange monochrome backdrops on the walls PVC stretched on frames

Postcards; dog, spliff, sausage roll, anal sex, penguin

Merry Xmas site-specific
I want to fuck your brains out balloons

Rub Ins
Wax rubbings of texture behind

Anti-mist drawing on shop window

Wet paint, label blowing in the wind loop

Project space FORT, the landing areas and rooftop of a recording studio

Rob Eagles – “FlamingoHill
Falling Leaves
Talk To Me


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