Nelson Diplexcito
Nelson Diplexcito

The resistant image in painting
See the territory I have coverage
Consideration of the thoughts
84-88 merchant navy Aberdeen 4y BA
Rc 88-90 frieze

Painter film maker photomontage

His dog three chiwawa red mist
Strong, will get grief, if not lucky be strong

Last year at maidenhead 2010 restated painter lost in Sweden

Space compositional space, psychological space, area of experience painting space

No 2 once a theme do another, all oils

30x 22cm small but do 50, like to have a challege
Loved super8
Painted photographs, reservoir of images

Painting tensions
Basic visual phenomena
Resists image in the painting
Painting for marker Chris died this summer 40 by 40, like a collage
Polaroids, paintings of photographs
In-between moments
Paint in two days

Abstract? Figuration? Doesn’t think about it, doesn’t define himself like that, keeps going with a theme, gestural sometimes
Doesn’t need it to be linked, just likes the image,

Mannequin, loves figure paintings, refections, paints what he sees,

Can move from thick to thin, doesn’t know frames within frames

From photos White billboard
Hang in groupings

On panel, sand it down if not right

Carousel enforced jollity at fairs, lonely places
Reflections on buses
Anticipation of night 2011

Destroys a quarter of what he makes, should leave it and review later?
Study for? Just do it if he can get it right, do a small one
Subjects from his own life usually, own images
Daughter 17
Start representational, red mist, edits revision

Use your time well, your own journey, a way of looking at things
Goethe, intense, use. Opportunity
Small image can avoid bog down with detail

Throw away the tickets


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