James Brooks

Selected Works 03-12

Studied in Plymouth grad.1999, gallery in Germany pushed him forward

Process painting, what paint could do as a liquid; heavily-primed MDF, then thin paint using windscreen-wiper paint, travel connotation

Worked or didn’t work, like snapshots, enjoyed the energy, what was he looking for? Aesthetic judgements at first. Became good at it, tonal shifts, monochrome

Chelsea for MA, sink or swim, want to draw with pencil, every grade of pencil, felt democratic not just aesthetic. No failures, better for his character. Lots of tiny zeros, simple, moderated hand pressure as much as possible. Worked on primed wood. On paper, gridded up, enjoyed the fact they suggested other spaces, then graded ovals, vinyl record templates of the width of the bands. Not central, shown flat, Rubik’s cubes stripped and Gessoed and glued together, puzzle was locked. Randomly chose pencils. Then chose colours, felt tip pens random colours, no right nor wrong was liberating.

Survey weather around the world hot and cold, data and information, can harness information, refilled and present, quite austerely.

Use Morse code, it’s all there but locked away, lyrics from songs Help and Helpless SOS style
Enjoying play with text and words and language

All the worlds a stage, used phonetic alphabet, another in tune with global theme

His intervention made a barrier for entry, then presented like a stage seating plan.

Then sound. His own heart beat, morse code too, lub dub, I get a kick out of you, in heart morse code, Cole Porter Frank Sinatra, like bass drum clusters. Like his drawings in a way? It was a headphone piece, black chunky phones, song lyrics in black frame

Had a letter from The Commons, copyright laws? Default computer generic letter, used it for ASCII code, then hand wrote it out like a letter

Language has auras, double inversion, man machine process? Sol Le Witt’s 35 sentences on conceptual art, turned it into ASCI, American format and paper size, tracing paper, hand written code.

Sound – globalisation, national identity, The Great Escape, invert it? Stretched out weird electric use of theme tune bizarre otherworldly. Whistled by a champion friend, borderless spatial Space Odyssey.

Painting! So broad now that any media will express ideas. English chintz, wanted to subvert it in many layered grey undercoat. Grey circle paintings

Seating plans of London theatres series of 24
Geometric grid but the rooms so fluid, tension

Broadway theatre series
Off-Broadway series

Video of him in his studio bouncing a tennis ball, everything I do in the studio is art.

The process of drawing can be machine like, record covers, piercing graph papers with a pin to make the image, like a sewing machine, erasing himself from the process

Series of dot matrix printers, dot matrix imaging, slow, meticulous.

Print making, Chopin’s Nocturnes but black on black, 21
Beg borrow or steal is ok

Video, reverse performance, the passive or active viewer, relational aesthetics
Mick Jagger film, tv turned to play to the wall, intervention can be slight. Man on the Clapham Omnibus would not like it or get it.

Disguise or covering up surfaces, saturated lots of newspapers in black ink, all thus erased, like a sarcophagus, floor piece, sculptural

Series of pieces of news, narrative all gone, each front cover onto tracing paper, then all put together, disguise, the content is there but you can’t unpick it. A breather from imagery?

Cover up or disguise, cover up the title, who owns ideas? Am I a parasite if I appropriate things?


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