Graham Dolphin

Graham Dolphin, ex-student BSU 1994

1992, Vogue drilled, degree show, 6m signed on, someone saw the catalogue, fashion in work

4y Arnolfini, no photos even, furry face, a physical thing, his own hair, barnacles, wood, screw heads on faces, whole mag, just the cover at first
Angry, ink scratched off, soldering iron, painted, DIY stuff, cheap, anti-capitalism

Late 90s wanted to make a film, moving
1500 images of Kate Moss in 60 seconds no narrative, loops, 30/second, too fast for eye

Unlock magazines, drawings, every cosmetic in one magazine
All shoes trace
Language in magazines, where IS the glamour?
The art, was his obsession

Moved to Newcastle
Art Council, Baltic about to open, ten grand to make a book
Work began to be taken seriously, didn’t have to work as well
Beatles record, drawing onto surface 26 songs scratched in, also onto the covers, took 12 months

Image like my post office tower with words in the Baltic Building entrance 100 song titles, all questions
They have amazing kit & spaces, made a video, film with readymades again
Star Spangled Banner, 12 Marley images huge white noise

Wanted a break, wooden bench in Seattle, Kurt Cobain
More art in making and positioning
Remade using 100s of photographs, like a drawing as well as an object

Suicide notes, a post-it, three busts, Jim Morrison, there for six years, one for each year, made six, then stolen

Freddy Mercury’s back door
Pillow rock

Show in Moscow
Elvis’s wall in Graceland
Sink – Che Guevara from Bolivia
Abbey Road sign series

Drawing of objects, a NZ wall Ian Curtis
Samuel Beckett’s last poem, pages of reworkings
Frida Kahlo’s last diary entry
Sylvia Plath’s gravestone

Last work David Bisley
Door drawings
Gates Nick Drake

Sky view drawings

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