dierdre nelson

Textiles and technology
NI, Manchester foundation, 1985, young, wandered, Glasgow BA design, embroidered lead, worked in schools & hospitals, m.Phil 1996, taught for 10y
1989 BA design, collecting daft facts from the library

Writing and sampling
Making money
Talks, residencies, education, exhibitions, commissions.

Knitting and Gin
Bartering socks, Shetlands, Dutch boats
3 socks = pint of gin
Knitted in Shetland wool

Modern Languages in Ireland, Arran knitting, came from Scotland or Cornwall
Arran 0.5

Money under the mattress, lace was a big part of the economy, ghost estates, monopoly houses, surplus red money box

Making stuff? The word sustainable
Cradle to cradle, should be creative, remaking, transition,
Convicts, badges, crime and profession, stealing turnips, bestiality, abuse fainter 1850
Pierced spoons, Elle, Vogue wedding, Milan,

Kellerberrin, wheat belt, one street, wheat, wheat sacks, sewing competitions, dilly bags and quilts,
Photographer Michael O’Reilly, missions, gold rush, salt rises to the surface, huge problem, eucalyptus trees, farming, get big or get out. Crop spraying. Wool, gold, wheat. Look at small things too. Joined craft group, make their own pants, drive 80km to buy a bra.
Shop local, use local skills, recycle, make do and mend. Co-op shop, universal provider, shopping list, d.stitch blog
Shopping bags, rains for tea, Kellarain,

Wales, with Dan
William Billingsley
90% failure
Matthew Hulse sound man
Coal dust

Stroud Textile Festival
6m project, red felted cloth
The last makes tennis balls, wool and cotton
All the mills, the trades with beaver fur
Trophy cloth
Red tennis balls, American Indian red cloth came from Stroud
Lawnmower invented in Stroud

Cove Park Residencies near Fasslane
Local flowers and trees and surveillance


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