Audrey Reynolds

Lives and works in London. Studied Bath C of HE, MA at Chelsea.

Her art revisits various moments, some key, some eccentric, in the history of art and decoration. Using modelling material, paint and small found objects she makes sculptures, low reliefs and paintings sometimes incorporating them into tableaux and ‘fake’ environments. These have included: an ‘office’ in which a desk, an office lamp, plants, photos and typed notes served along with items more clearly identifiable as (or more traditionally associable with) art; an outdoor market stall redesigned as a miniature museum show; the partly furnished room of a London house. Her recent practice periodically forms part of her ‘Museum of Nothing’: which is an ongoing undertaking to make a place for the null actions, events, utterances and thoughts happening outside the edges of things.
She has had solo exhibitions at Fordham, London (2007), Parlour, London (2006) and at 1000000mph (2004). Group exhibitions include: The Antique Wardrobe, MOT international, London, Songs of Love and Hate, Ancient & Modern, London; 60th Anniversary, Gimpel Fils, London; Fordham, Netwerk, Belgium; Full English, MOT, London; and a collaboration with Rosie Cooper for Temporary Secretary at Fordham (2005). She curated an event called The One Picture Gallery, featuring Paula Kane, as part of London’s Spice Festival (2007) and a series of exhibitions at The Modern Times Club (2004-5).



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