Andrew Grassie

First slide, postcard size, tempura Jackson Pollock
We mainly see art in reproduction. Where do we exist as an artist?
Student at RCA, painting of a slide, signature style?

Was doing big dark paintings furiously, told ” don’t just do something, stand there”
Large geometric shapeless
Emin Turk etc in his year, more depression
Changing style, rules to establish parameters
Random sequences, random numbers
Recreated paintings, copies, faking his own work, series five copes, Saatchi bought!

Ladybird books, paintings from photos, hotel room images, copying them into tempura painting, film still quality spooky arrested narrative.
Stuck them in a book, ticked for images

Slides in a box in a market mini in alps, mini / landscape

Hired out a hall, painted photos, copied as closely as possible, six people came, curator of new whitechapel came
Paintings of group shows, travelling artist
Ushering at ICA, made more contacts, office over years

NY metal sculptures, painted reader’s wives, bad reproductions
Studio, paintings of each process

Famous artists show, then Tate, still life art works

A bit stuck in a trap now
Hans Hoffman
Daniel Byrne
Thomas Struth
Martin Creed

Normal paintings?



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