Sue Bradley

Teaches mixed media textiles, showing 30yrs of her work, was fashion trained, print & knitting at RA
1982 Holbein black work, near V&A
Paintings good source as the garments gone
All knittings, devoré, antique fabrics
Knitwear design 1986 at RA
English gothic for shops, Browns 1981
Elaborate ecclesiastical fabric, six outfits
Was on Woman’s Hour
Tibetan embroidery
Accessories with each thing
Soweto sweaters for beadwork
Ok to go to and fro
Lots of sketchbook work, bags slippers, some commercial, some art
Max Tilke pattern book
Collects a lot old aunt saved everything, family heirloom
Father was 44 when she was born, he embroidered and knitted for her
Got an agent, Paris NY 150 staff
In Vogue, but no name
Fair isles, swatches designing collections

Then fleeces came in, market dropped, Gap in Columbus, they rip things off
Still does some swatches
Came to work here, three days a week
Started costume again, ask to see another, looked at a coat, drew what she wanted to make
Felted lambs wool

Loves her knitting machine, stopped PhD

Exploring lace, competition
Lots of trial and error and mistakes

Wearable art
Blind Art website

Five outfits, scratch and sniff ribbons

Furniture upholstery class
Bradley and Ralph clothes

Coats, and all the places she has ever lived, knitted corgis
Show in London recently. Stuffed knitted animals

Sue Bradley Luxury Souvenir Shop

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