Roger Clarke

BA Slade, Course Leader MFA, Bath School of Art and Design

Uses resin and fibre glass, were painted but now uses coloured resins

Roger Clarke at Sion Hill, BSU

Accidents will happen

Size example 210 x 175 x 100 hollow, light

Prefers not to explain beyond the title

 “The deadliest toxins”

259 molecular structures but didn’t look like it

Spooks episode

“Testarossa”   230 x  120 x  120  took a year

Molecules ball and rod model, then used computer modelling to see the spheres move into each other, this is a way for him to work out ideas, allows him to draw and play

Outside Economist building, pre coated steel sections accurate to less than half a mm.

2d renderings close ups

Science museum models pre computer to show formulae for lines

My marriage folded? Or unfolded

Scientific visualisation  way of explaining data eg weather forecast

Use the data to become 3D

Mount st Helena 1980

Then code it to become a sculpture

He not good enough to programme, took him year, then stopped

Rapid prototype stereolithography

Laser resin liquid photopolymer

Object formed in layers

£400 an hour, 42 hours

Can honeycomb it but no colour, small and££££

Cut out of wood in series of layers, computer to cut out layers


Processes of making things USES MAC FormZ architecture cheaper for unis Rhino lots of three d programmer, steep learning curve, learn eg Photoshop just play and use what you need


want to make art? Get on with it.? Didn’t matter what, just do it, no matter what, world only sees as bit, try things out joseph beuys fat chair Richard Morris

Bruce nauman space unfree my hand when I write

Under chair

At college Rachel whitehead

Space of studio

Dew lines in grass

Lines in snow

David Nash crack & warp column comet ball

Pile of books

Exhibitions too

Made them then saw it

Tony CRAGG Minster in Hayward sugar beet in steel

Studio like a laboratory

Alison Wilding Assembly

Too tasteful?

Drawing in space? Dexion huge objects

Gordon Matta-Clark split house

Travel scholarship Peru lines in desert miles, straight, have to see them from the air££££no explanation

Look through books

Robert Morris at the Tate Duveen

Richard arts……

Julian opie

The Hague Artists allowed to use space in government buildings that were not used

Complete strangers

James Turrell

Coloured band series, Two tons of steel arrived, Persistence can pay

Define what red? What blue?

Mark is the casting technician here at BSU


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