Professor Gavin Turk

Art & Design Professor, office in Corsham, part of each other?
He is here to be part of our education? How can he help us? Art is an exchange of ideas, questioning the ownership. Process of making something, best bits are chance? Take control of accidents, feel your way through the mistakes.

Signed his name on three canvasses, lead free pigment on canvas 1990 bare essentials of an art work in his MA, did BA at Chelsea, a first, golden boy. An arty signature? Dot and line have gone now. An environmental painting, all recycled, grew the wood even. Signature was new and abstract.

Cavey, blue heritage plaque, 1991, label included, boss thought he had inside knowledge, failed his MA, generated interest, heroic failure, defined the Royal College

Pop, waxwork in vitrine, 1993, who breaks through?, tourism? Clichés a challenge, representation of celebrity, recognition, punk, Sid Vicious, Elvis, gun slinger, Warhol, so who is it?

Death of Marat, waxwork in vitrine, 1998, pose from Davide, Ian Hamilton Finlay, love of classicism, surreal too, engages you then unhinges you

Box, bronze painted to look like a cardboard box, 2002
Pile, painted bronze bags of rubbish, viewer enters into contract with art, an anti-portrait, 2004
Pavement, painted bronze, 2008
Bum, waxwork, 1998, him wearing an outfit he had worn for a performance
Nomad, painted Bronze red sleeping bag
Pink Lady, bronze apple cores, oil painted, 2011
Bricks, an urban tramps fireplace, in bronze, 2008?
Huge eggs in landscape 2010 oeuvre painted fibreglass

Mechanical Turk, film projection, 2006.

Lots of different types of work, like a group show, trying to find links to make the audience involved in the questioning.

Dumb candle, wood, 2007, won 20 grand at RA
Double Red Che, silkscreen on canvas, 2005, Warhol take, cliché, floating signifier, advert for a sculpture
Camouflage Fright Wig Silver and Orange on Taupe, silkscreen on paper, 2007
Somebody’s Son, waxwork, 2007
Mappa del Mundo cans Boetti
Turk Love
Return to Forever Gavin Turk signature, like
En Face , many clay heads at a party
Le Bike de Bois Rond, bicycle, timber enamel paint, 2010. Cadere documenta, Do you need to know the reference?
Kissing stone, granite, 2011
Nail, bronze, 2011, vast, near St. Paul’s
L’Âge d’Or
Darmstadt, bronze exhaust pipe, recent


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