Martin Thomas

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms”
Muriel Rukeyser
Home Storytellers
Context as humans, context as language

Tell his life as a story, East End, knew nothing about art, no books, his passion was punk, The Clash, that sparked him

Band was the Acid Drops, fanzine, demo tape 1980, wrote songs, girlfriend’s parents were psychologists, introduced him to poetry, left school age 16, painter decorator.

Back to college, local theatre in. Woolwich, evening class in photography, was doing sociology & English

Arthur Rimbaud, and Samuel Beckett his heroes and influences
Poem about failing better, and go on

Brighton polytechnic, art & drama, directed Beckett

They encouraged his photography. Romantising, as emotional
Swim at night, sublime, sea at night
Ralph Eugene Meatyard, would move the camera, American gothic?

Photographs of texts
The text or the image which comes first, use of book form, thinks it can’t be resolved, maybe concrete poetry
Cave paintings, image, the words then language

Theatre photographer, lots of jobs, did an MA here, 1995ish, heavy philosophy, photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper nature as an idea, went and did a workshop with him, and self taught

Hamish Fulton
An object cannot compete with an experience

1992 flat marsh walks and photos, recording with words and experience
Groupshows. Nature, and how we experience and consume it, Lascaux, he has a tattoo of it, what separates us, it’s the language, it’s the text, we are removed from our animal past

Notes & sketchbooks, four things on the go
Representations of language
Sedge warbler sonography copper etchings
Series of animals
Quarry works, Hakim Bey, the space outside, where you can transgress?
Concerned with aesthetic qualities of the images
The traces of the buildings

THEN digital happened
Contructing images, manipulations
A photo is of something
It records a moment in time – unless exposure long on purpose
Likes the sea, square format series, formal, influenced by painting John Constable cloud paintings 1820
Camille Silvy The River Scene constructed image

Night exposure river scene, photograph or image
Francis : Dead Calm – Sunset in the Bright at Exmouth, 1850
Light on street at night
Caspar David : Two men looking at the moon, 1825-30

Can we conceive the world without language?
John Furnival, Concrete Poetry, words as images

Palimpsest, book of twelve
‘Ten Campfires’
‘head in the clouds’
Sends to Blurb
feeling of holding an old arrow
archaeologist Christopher Tilley talks about Heidigger, assumptions, they are telling stories, they shift over years
Images about Bath at night, Joy Division song about Manchester, like a film set

Work like a manifesto, Scot lives in France, writes in French, there is only poetry….Kenneth White


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