Mariele Neudecker

Tuesday 9th 2013

Part-time teacher here one day at week

Nature and landscape
Thoreau 1856

Maps and meridians and cropping

Atlas and bible cut into four, metaphors

Tank Works
Fog, glass tanks ref Friedrich, tiny ship
Morning fog in the mountains 1808

Titles are important, a missed opportunity
I don’t know how I resisted the urge to run 1998
Unrecallable Now” 2001

Also film projects
Sun rises and sets, “Another Day” 2000

Divorced beheaded died
Divorced beheaded survived 2000 ref The Ambassadors 1533 all precise

The Sunken Village
Life-size in a lake

This Thing Called Darkness 2008 in Japan

You Are Always On My Mind 2007
Babbage, 1837
Winterreise 2003 60th parallel north

400 Thousand Generations, at RA 2009

Much Was Decided Before You Born 2008 sound on Millenium Bridge in the light tracks.

Hopes to stop people in their tracks

Plinth short- listed proposal 2010
It’s never too late and you can’t go back

Missile rubbings, Psychopomp, 2011

Greenland trip, away from mobiles & electricity 2012

Deep-sea project too

Caspar David Friedrich, Fog, 1818, and Morning Fog in the Mountains,1808
Karl Friedrich Schinkel, The Gate in the Rocks, 1818
Hans Holbein, 1533
Vilhelm Hammershoi, (Dane), Interior with an Oven, 1864-1916




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