Maria Lalic

4/12/12 Prof here MFA
London, Chelsea, exhibited, Tate & V&A

Material Time & Place

Red yellow blue painting.1986 2x4m colour on metal
Minimalism hand
referring Barnett Newman then Mondrian

Process, stretched lead on tulip wood, a metre, quite a big discourse here

Her hero Robert Ryman
Retrospectives are once in a lifetime shows

Materials ten lead falls, ten lead paints, lady roofer?
See Newman, Morrilly, Anne Trewitt, red plank,

Chrome mirror paintings
Narcissus, Lichenstein

Compendium grades of pencil marks 10H & HB
Sol Le Witt, Eva Hesse

History Paintings, monochrome, taxonomy
52 paintings

Third group of work, landscape paintings, place names in paints,
Lead and ten colours in Exeter
Six yellow history paintings in the Tate
Landscape paintings

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