Mandy Bonnell

Her work, her practice. A sense of place, trained as a painter, then MA in printmaking, but mainly she draws. Works in Kenya too, open access print studio, stays in same house, doesn’t work from photos, responds to things
Loves textiles, responds to old samplers
Makes books, works in sets and series, sees books as objects, an art work in themselves, concertina books.
The Second Life of Shells
Irish/Nigerian poet Gabriel Gbadamosi collaborates and responds to her work, met him on a plane.
Collage and etching black and silver, likes line and tone rather than colour

Annie Albers, residency, likes pattern shape natural world, fossils, non-repeating patterns. Uses 3H pencil and magnifying glass, sometimes girly? but always real.

I enjoy, I respond to patterns on eg moths,crab spider, crossover of print and draw, likes marks
Responds to rare books, botanicals

Heat press with transfer ink
Women wear kangas, some traditional patterns, men wear kikois, poem at the bottom
Moslem island, male dominated society

Books are edition of ten to 15, cost thousands, hand-set typography
Techniques span a hundred years

Seed pods patterns
Likes Alexander Calder,
Dots or holes like sewing, slow process

Winter in Connecticut Albers Foundation

White on white
Miss Rowe’s collection
Drawing every day two inches,they became wood engravings
Likes Joseph Cornell’s boxes

Drew a Lichen collection in Buckinghamshire, her way in was through lace.
All her work beautifully presented.

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