Cedric Christie

Professor here
Thinking about this talk a lot, too much?

Sculptor. Talk will be of his images and inspiration. Richard Serra as a child. Things stick in your mind. Use of words image and object And the effects of it.
His first art was sculpture in Harlow shopping centre, who? Why? Response to it
He made candlesticks, to show good welding, put in gallery, dinner party, flowers in field.
Italian Giuseppe Panza chance meeting
Black and white paintings with words of colour
Have you read about fetishism, Karl Marx, Selected Writings, object of value
Picasso age 11.
Who invented the red dot, snooker balls, red one called sold
Takes choices away from him,
Osbert Kelly, shape and colour very good, corporate commission
Gallery called Rocket
saw scary sculpture, moved to scaffolding
Three snooker balls as one
Doormats, no this no this no that
Liberty Painting Democracy
Barnett Newman Stations of the Cross
Labelled boxes
Kiss your own arse coz I am not sorry any more
Collector bought it all
General Motors
I could have done that
Pictures of vomit
Pictures of car adverts light boxes
Picasso Car
Documenta car series
BEST on black ball PELE
Football heroes
Then money
Chess sets
Portraits SARA, HELEN, 11 x 7
Models of the cars
Gavin Turk credit cards, bank of collector
Love me or fuck me but can’t do both
Oswald Kelly, painting became a sculpture, Eva Hesse
Glitter scaffolding
Shape of dance



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