NEXT Move.. Alumni Day

Rob Fearns in the chair

Katie O’Brien from 44AD artspace
Graduated last year, with others set up 44AD in Lower Borough Walls
Spoke to the council, wrote a proposal, three floors, studio spaces, fifteen artists and a gallery.
55 artists for Deck the Walls, 158 pieces of work

Michelle Whiting is their token BSU academic BA MA PhD
Reality Check opening night 31st January, Jonny Briggs
Quality art shows the aim

Tom Jackson, graduated 2 years ago, artist in residence
Studio in Bristol, MadeScapes, Topograhic Translation, digital pictures, Redcliffe Bridge work, Bristol Biennial, Browser & Server, commissioned by Channel 4 for series The Fear, installation in Barcelona, Holidays at Jam Factory in Oxford, computer graphics. Fourteen people involved
Chance with commission, meeting people vital. Still works part-time

Jack Addis 2012 fine art graduate
Computer bo.lee gallery, networking and meeting people, London show, short listed for a prize, in debt, came home, worked in book shop so back in art scene, digital work on website, all made in Germany, emails to art blogs, work spread, Rise Art approached him, joined, making money, Curioos, interviews in magazine, No Cigar, Hound, joined MadeScapes, as above
Lambda Print under Perspex, Aluminium. Learn to talk about your work, blogs took him on further. Still at work. Needs to get his name out there.

Anja Borowitz 2011
Degree Show, applied for MA at Slade, not painting, domestic coloured liquids, hard to move with daughter, space washed or bleached, patterns for living, Polish, Trelex Residency in Switzerland, packaging, second year, thinking of doing PhD, funding an issue.

Cherelle Sappleton 2006 did art and drama
Good girl series multimedia, different make ups, slide show, experimental theatre
Worked to pay bills, shitty jobs, did a residency in Poland after graduating, joined the Wonder Club in Bristol, non-art job was difficult, PG Dip and MA at CSM, graduated 2011, Photos, actions, cracking up video 2012, collage, exhibiting through friends and being available, neo, Islington Arts Factory show, be open to change, in a band called Gaggle, girl choir.

Ruaidhri Ryan 2012 Interview, writing, online content production and starting film production work, working at Little Theatre too, building sets, keeping on good side of tutors, a piece of work a month, send to film festivals, applied for MA at Slade, failed at first, then got in, worked with high budget too, fibre-glass castles, worked for Picture This. Deadlines, apply for everything, self-discipline, admin, copy and paste important,

Perienne Christian 2006 graduate
Feeding the pigeons, linocut, drawing, painting, etchings, working from photos, loneliness and the outsider, use external flash, book, Erasmus exchange, the ups and downs of Boris and Bill 2005, Outside Inside, poem and text, care work with autism, crow, 2007
Did drawing and painting afterwards, a good year, scholarship, liked teaching 10-14y, etching with aquatint, worked as artists assistant, 2008, modelled for Lucien Freud three nights a week, stayed in the loop, RK Burt, residency at Kensington Palace, struggled to work there,
drawings of psychological journeys, 2011 unwell, lost, Lucien died, went to Crete, started to paint and read feminist myth philosophy, Kerala for a month, myth & story, paintings in Summer Show at RA, Sealskin Soulskin, Phantasmagoria of dreams, universal unconsciousness. Maps, chine colle emblems.
Shows, keep on , market yourself, build relationships, invite, letters, take up residencies, make the art that matters to you, say what you want to say.

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