Christian Boltanski 1944

Partner of Annette Messager
Forms of remembering, storage, memory

646 tinplate biscuit tins, photographs, lamps, electric wire


 Les archives de Christian Boltanski 1965-1988, 1989
seen in The Pompidou Centre.
‘He works on existential questions, such as the loss of identity, the fading of memory, and death. From his early, more satirical works to the most recent, the artist sets up a resonance between the history of humanity and the story of his own life, in which the autobiographical element may be real or fictive.
In 1969 the artist conceived of a long-term project, which involved “conserving a trace of all the moments of ones life, all the objects one has been in contact with, everything one has said and everything that has been said around one, that is my goal.” The installation is made up of 646 rusty buscuit tins said to contain 1200 photographs and 800 documents of various kinds from his studio.’

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