44AD Artspace, Lower Borough Walls, Bath

44AD artspace is putting out an open call for its first Christmas show ‘Deck the Walls’, with plans to convert the gallery space into a quasi record store extravaganza!

All 2D work submissions are to be 12”x12” square format (the size of a standard vinyl record). Painting, photo, printing… all mediums are accepted.
If the work is framed, the size of the frame is to be included in the 12”x 12” size requirement – and all work accepted must be ready to hang on submission.

The entry limit is four works, £5 gallery fee for each work accepted. Every artwork will sell for £78 rpm and there will be the possibility of selling limited edition prints of work at £33 rpm.

As for the theme: just let ‘season’s greetings’ take you where it may…

Please email a digital image of your entry to 44ADshow@gmail.com – It is important that you include your full name and medium of the work with your email.

Deadline for all submissions is Wed 12-12-12, accepted work is to be brought to 44AD artspace by Sat 15-12-12.

‘Deck the Walls’ opening night will be held on Tues 18-12-12 and the exhibition will open on Wednesday 19-12-12 and continue until Sun 06-01-13.


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