To begin, at the beginning…

Well, this is just a random day to begin this blog. However, starting is often the biggest challenge, and JFDI often the beginning of good things.

I have no idea whether any of my thoughts will be interesting to others. In fact this blog is to help me to produce the thought word and deed necessary to support my Creative Art Project which remains the last module in my BA course at Bath Spa University.

As previous parts of the course have progressed, I have kept a personal diary, an art diary,  research folders, as well as producing art which is “filed” in portfolios, sketchbooks, memory sticks & cards. Indeed I have found these category distinctions often hard to call, and I plan to experiment with this medium as a way to pull all my work together.

Many thanks to Lauren Ayres, my fellow student, for encouraging me into using this new way of expressing and demonstrating myself. I am grateful that she will steer me through the learning curve to get me up to speed.

I am also fortunate to have an uplifting triumvirate of tutors.

Yesterday I was called an archivist. I felt that this word was a gift, like a coat I was happy to put on.

Watch this space!



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